About us

Revealing Reality is a multi-award-winning insight and innovation agency. We work with clients across all sectors to help them better achieve their goals.

Originally founded as a specialist ethnographic research agency, our work is now underpinned by a full-service research offer, built on the same core principles.

Today, we talk less about ethnography and more about place-based research. Context is key to understanding behaviour, so if you want to understand how people live and make decisions, you need to conduct research in their world, not yours.

As a 100% owner-managed company, we’ve been free to invest and diversify as we’ve grown: introducing pioneering new products to overcome the weaknesses of traditional research methods.

The result is a unique multidisciplinary offer. Together, our specialisms span a range of distinct product areas – but all our work is united by a desire to connect our clients to the real world in the most robust, truthful and immersive way possible.

All images and film featured on this website were taken by our researchers and creative team – the vast majority captured during primary fieldwork for commissioned projects.