Awards matter to us because they’re judged on two things: impact and innovation. That’s why, in 2010, we were delighted to become the first specialist ethnographic agency ever to win an MRS Award. And it’s why we – and our clients – continue to seek recognition for the creativity and impact of our projects.

MRS Best Place to Work

Finalist & Special Commendation 2016

MRS Best Healthcare Research Award

Winner 2016: ‘Reducing Inappropriate Attendance at A&E’ (Department of Health)
Winner 2012: ‘Tackling Violence & Aggression at A&E’ (Design Council)

MRS Financial Services Research Award

Winner 2014: ‘Held to Account’ (Financial Conduct Authority)

MRS Public Policy / Social Research Award

Finalist 2015: Vulnerability Exposed: Helping to transform the financial services experiences of vulnerable consumers (Financial Conduct Authority)
Winner 2013: ‘Strength in Numbers’ (Southwark Council)
Finalist 2012: ‘Tackling Violence & Aggression in A&E’ (Design Council)
Winner 2011: ‘No Ordinary Criminals’ (Lewisham Council)
Winner 2010: ‘Just Coping’ (Kent County Council)

MRS Virginia Valentine Award for Cultural Insights

Finalist 2013: ‘Rooms for Improvement’ (IHG)
Winner 2012: ‘Designing Happiness into Dementia Care’ (Red & Yellow Care)
Winner 2011: ‘The Needs of New Chinese Migrants’ (Chinese in Britain Forum)

MRS Conference Award for Best Presentation

Winner 2013: ‘Transforming the Hotel Room’ (IHG)

MRS International Research Award

Finalist 2013: ‘Rooms for Improvement’ (IHG)

MRS Grand Prix for Greatest Impact

Finalist 2016: ‘Reducing Inappropriate Attendance at A&E’ (Department of Health)
Finalist 2014: ‘Held to Account’ (Financial Conduct Authority)

AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Effectiveness

Winner 2012: ‘300 Hours in A&E: Tackling Violence & Aggression in A&E’ (Design Council)
Special Commendation 2011: ‘No Ordinary Criminals’ (Lewisham Council)

LARIA Research Impact Awards 2016

Winner, Best use of Local Area Research: ‘The Value of Making Friends’ (London Borough of Waltham Forest)
Highly Commended, Best use of Social Care or Health Research: ‘The Barriers of Binary Thinking’ (Wirral Borough Council)
Highly Commended, New Researcher of the Year: Charlotte Harris

LARIA Research Impact Awards 2013

Winner, Best Community Engagement / Consultation: Community Engagement – The Co-operative Way (Lambeth Council)
Winner, Researcher of the Year: Oliver Hopwood