Connect 360

As we’ve grown, we’ve come to understand the strength of photos and film as ways of connecting clients to the people and places we study.

We believe that immersive technology has the potential to take this to the next level – revolutionising how clients observe, listen to, and even interact with their customers.

For the past year, we’ve been experimenting with 360 photos and film as a way of transporting clients directly into the homes, towns and social spaces we’ve visited. Simply by wearing a headset, they’re able to inhabit customers’ worlds without leaving the comfort of their offices.

Of course, the technology has its challenges, both practical and creative. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in trialling different platforms, as well as different ways of filming, editing and sharing the results with our clients.

Now, however, we feel positive we understand how 360 can best work for our clients – confident of its quality, relevance  and ability to transform how clients view their customers.

“People need to live and see the world through other people’s eyes to have in the back of their mind for when they’re making decisions about content, editorial choices and product direction.”