Connect Online

Update: November 2017

Following a highly successful first year, Connect has just received a makeover from our in-house design and development team. The result is a cutting-edge data management platform that’s even faster, more responsive and more flexible than the first iteration.
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What is Connect?

Connect is a fully responsive digital platform, designed in-house by our integrated team of researchers, designers and developers.

In part, it was conceived as a response to the limitations of other mobile ethnography platforms.

But Connect also fulfills a long-standing wish to make our data more freely available to clients. After all, they’re paying us to collect the data – so why should they only have access to the final outputs? Why not also give them lasting access to the evidence itself?

That’s why Connect is more than just another online panel platform. As well as providing a seamless window into respondents’ lives – extending our contact time through task-based, user-generated photos and films – it gives clients direct access to the full wealth of data collected by our researchers. This could be in the form of project documentation, field-notes, audio clips, photos or film clips.

Best of all, its dynamic tagging and analysis functionality enables researchers and clients to process, share and respond to data in real-time. All assets are clearly linked to different people and places, as well as key themes, insights and recommendations.


With a pioneering triage system enabling us to safeguard respondents’ anonymity, the result is a revolution in how qualitative research data is shared and stored – providing clients with enduring archives of accessible insight.

How do we use it?

A brilliant way to explore and share Revealing Reality’s research. A key tool for staying in touch with our audience.

Senior Audience Planner
BBC Design & Engineering

The use of Connect has quickly become standard practice on all of our qualitative studies. Even if the methodology doesn’t involve remote ethnography, our researchers still use it as a means of storing, collating, sharing and analysing their data.

In so doing, it’s fast become an indispensable resource for all our clients. Among those regularly using its features are the BBC, Ofcom, HS2, Eakin and Arthritis Research UK.