When it comes to creating a buzz around consumer closeness, our high-quality events are the perfect way of engaging internal stakeholders – generating momentum and positive word-of-mouth, while also promoting memorable interactions with real-world consumers.


In recent years, we’ve worked with a lot of clients tasked with bridging the gap between customers and large numbers of colleagues. Working together, we’ve developed a flexible range of formats to overcome practical challenges – all while ensuring that events themselves are truthful, relevant and meaningful to stakeholders’ everyday work.

Wherever possible, we organise events in the real social spaces that reflect customers’ everyday lives – book-ending sessions with workshops, or introducing twists, to keep attendees alert and enthused. We also aim to facilitate longer, more in-depth exchanges between stakeholders and participants, believing this to be significantly more rewarding than the small-talk exchanges of ‘speed-dating’-style formats.

And with an eye to sustainability, we’re always looking to integrate elements of skills transfer into events: helping stakeholders not only feel more familiar with customers, but also more confident finding out about them in future.