To understand people, you have to understand place – both the geographical areas which shape their outlook, and the physical spaces that define their everyday routines and experiences.

Simply reporting back, however, is rarely the best way to convey the richness of real-world environments, and people’s relationship with them.

That’s why photography has become such an indispensable part of what we do: powerful images, taken in the field, which reach out and engage clients and their stakeholders – making the real world harder to ignore.

Uniquely, all our qualitative researchers receive weekly photography training. This enables them to identify and capture – in high quality – the moments of truth that embody what they’re learning, which we need to relay to our clients.

This is something we do even when it’s not a commissioned deliverable, because it does so much more than just embellish project outputs. The most evocative photos not only have the potential to inspire but also inform – encapsulating key values, principles or needs, and giving our work a life well beyond the span of any given project.