Qualitative research

Our approach to qualitative research is rooted in the determination to do more than just report back what people say – instead revealing how they really live, and are influenced. Our methods range from literature reviews to tele-depths, focus groups, co-design, in-home depths and immersive, longitudinal observational study.

Recognising the limitations of relying solely on ‘self-report’ data, we’ll often capture multiple perspectives on an issue: triangulating data and using sophisticated analysis techniques to get to the heart of an issue.

As a boutique, 100% owner-managed agency, we never rely on off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we have the freedom to devise new methods and adapt to whatever we’re learning once we’re in the field. All our projects are designed on case-by-case basis.

Governed by our commitment to context-based research, high-quality participant recruitment, and the use of diverse theoretical frameworks, our guiding principle is to reveal insights that are relevant, actionable and inspirational – reflecting the richness and nuance of life as it is really lived.