Becky Rowe

Owner & Head of Research

  • Specialist in behavioural insight and behaviour change
  • Leading practitioner of design, comms and marketing research
  • Highly experienced across the private, public and third sectors
  • Past recipient of the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Effectiveness

With a background in psychology, Becky joined Revealing Reality in 2008 as a full partner, determined to deliver a more sophisticated brand of behavioural research. Since then, her commitment to context-based research and pioneering thinking has helped her and her team to set new standards in terms of the rigour, reach and impact of qualitative research – as demonstrated by the numerous industry awards which Revealing Reality has received in recent years. Becky became sole owner of the company in 2014.

With nearly 15 years of industry experience, Becky has worked for a huge range of big brands, marketing and advertising agencies, central and local government, plus a wide variety of charities. She’s proud of the diversity and impact of her work – in particular her determination to go beyond the conventional boundaries of project work to help clients better achieve their business objectives.

Becky is frequently asked to speak at conferences – offering expert commentary both on research itself, and the many different subjects in which she specialises (e.g. health & wellbeing, personal finances, consumer vulnerability). She’s particularly in demand as a consultant on design research – working as an advisor / facilitator for the Design Council, Design Thinkers Academy and Ministry of Justice, among others.

Having previously worked at Firefish and The Futures Company, Becky knows how other agencies approach qualitative research. She’s proud to lead an award-winning team that has re-defined what commercial qualitative research can achieve.