Training & skills transfer

For some clients, we believe that one of the key outcomes of research should be a reduced need to invest in more research in future. This could simply be because a project leads to impactful new products or services – solving long-standing problems – or it could be because our work increases a client’s capacity to design, deliver and use research in-house.

For other clients, meanwhile, we see our role as being to help them champion research internally – promoting the benefits of customer insight by fostering a more inquisitive, user-oriented sensibility among stakeholders.

In either event, skills transfer is a core part of the value we offer. We’re frequently commissioned to provide bespoke training programmes – particularly in relation to ethnography and design research – and offer a range of flexible formats to suit the needs of clients across all sectors.

At the same time, we always look to integrate elements of skills transfer into live projects: recognising that, much of the time, delivering good research is as much about giving stakeholders the tools and confidence to think differently about their customers, as it is about answering specific questions.