An Integrated Approach to Safer Gambling

Gamble Aware


Everybody agrees we need to prevent gambling harm, not just react to it. Safer gambling efforts should be, in the main, preventative. This means that safer gambling needs to become the default way to play at all times, just as wearing a seatbelt is a normalised part of driving.

This project set out to establish whether operators could be supported to develop better safer gambling strategies; preventative, creative and integrated with the gambling experience. Working with operators, we found that with the right tools and support, they can achieve significant positive steps.

The design principles in section 2 of the report: How to develop an integrated safer gambling approach, were found to be empowering for participating operators, enabling them to unlock skills and creativity within their organisations.

This project has shown that operators are able to apply new approaches to the design and development of safer gambling communications and interventions which are a marked departure from how safer gambling has previously been conducted.

Drawing on what the project found, this report sets out recommendations for how the rest of the industry can take similar steps.

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